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Yuthok Nyingthig Guru Yoga and Ganapuja

The Yuthok Nyingthig (Tib. གཡུ་ཐོག་སྙིང་ཐིག་) is a complete cycle of Vajrayana Buddhist practice, beginning with the preliminary practices and progressing through the highest spiritual methods.

The Ganapuja (Tib. ཚོགས་མཆོད་ “tsok chöd”) feast offering is a practice of the mindful enjoyment of the sense pleasures that is held regularly on special days of the Tibetan lunar month. This practice offers a powerful method for purifying obscurations and accumulating merit, and provides an opportunity for us to gather to share prayers, food, and company. Before the puja, we will do a short Medicine Buddha healing practice, received from Dr. Nida Chenagtsang. This meditation is a simple method for healing self and others.

Please bring offerings of food, drink, and/or flowers for the feast.

This month’s practice will begin with a guided practice of the Outer Guru Yoga, the first in a series of four guru yogas in this tradition known as the 'Wish Fulfilling Jewel.' There will also be an opportunity to ask questions about the Inner and Secret Guru Yogas or to discuss and review any of the practices we have received from Dr. Nida over the years. The Guru Yogas can practiced as a daily practice, or if one has completed the ngöndro preliminary practices retreat, they can be practiced in the context of an intensive seven day retreat, either in solitude or as a group.

Please e-mail for exact location in SE Portland

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