Please click on the following links to learn more about our international activities:

Sorig Khang International: Foundation for Traditional Tibetan Medicine

SKY Press: Publishing the Healing Art of Tibetan Medicine

Pure Land Farms: Center for Tibetan Medicine, Meditation, and Rejuvenation in Topanga, California

Sorig Tour: Medical and Spiritual Tours of Tibet

Sorig Academy: Tibetan Medicine Online Education

Sowa Rigpa Journal: Tibetan Medicine Quarterly Journal

Sorig Congress: Annual Tibetan Medicine Conference

Ngakmang Foundation: Preserving the cultural heritage of the yogic tradition in Amdo, Tibet

Sowa Rigpa College Nepal: Accredited International College of Traditional Tibetan Medicine

Yangchenma Healing Arts: Tibetan Medicine Portland, Oregon 

Drukmo Gyal Dakini: Mantra Healing singer and Sorig Khang guest teacher